Sixth Graduation Day
Awards Noon
Annual Day & Cultural Festive
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Sixth Graduation Day

The function of the 6th Graduation Day of Paavai Engineering College and 1st Graduation Day of Paavai College of Engineering was celebrated on 5th March 2011 in Anandha Arangam.

The function started with the lighting of Kuthuvilakku by Smt.Mangai Natarajan, Correspondent, and the dignitaries. Dr. T.R.Pachamuthu, Chancellor, SRM University, Chennai, was the chief guest.

Shri.CA.N.V.Natarajan, Chairman, Paavai Institutions, presided over the function and in his presidential address, he said that hard work and continuous efforts will surely lead to success and Paavai Institutions is an standing example for hard work and maximum efforts. Failures must be converted into stepping stones of success. One should be always positive and respect his/her parents because they are the root cause for their success. He advised the students to be sincere to their families and to be always cheerful. He underlined the importance of being respectful to the teachers and being responsible citizens. Paavai is aiming at imbibing not merely technical knowledge but also the ethical values of life.

The chief guest in his keynote address threw light on the updating of the necessary skills befitting the corporate scenario. The employed should be responsibly creative and innovative and be role models for the prospective juniors. The unemployed graduates need not be disheartened since umpteen numbers of better opportunities are awaiting. He highlighted on the deep rooted social evils like dowry and corruption which are looming large in the present day context. He also adviced the graduates to take a vow to eradicate these rampant evils. He advocated that there is no harm in students joining politics with the intension of crying a halt to such evils.

Degree certificates were issued to all the graduates of Paavai Engineering College, Paavai College of Engineering and Paavai College of Education.


Awards Noon

The function of the Awards Noon was celebrated on 5th March 2011 in Anandha Arangam at 2.30 pm.

Shri. A.K.Pattabiraman, Head Accreditation, Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai, shorted called as AKP in Tata Consultancy Services was the chief guest

Shri.CA.N.V.Natarajan, Chairman, Paavai Institutions, presided over the function and in his presidential address, he said that all should understand and believe in high value, when the high value is rightly blended with education will lead to grand success in life. Since recognition is the matter, all the university rank holders will be honour and staff who produced cent percent received gold coin.

The chief guest in his keynote address he said that he was so delighted to come over Paavai Institutions and also mentioned that his dream to visit Paavai came true after four or five years. Paavai Institutions has a very good infrastructure and such type of infrastructure is not available even in metropolitan cities like Chennai. Like Paavai Instituions even TCS is concern with value system. He also said that good education should posses four components, namely, Core knowledge, embrical Knowledge, enhance one's own knowledge, and ethics. In the next financial year 2011- 2012 Information Technology Sector will grow 16-17% and TCS aims to grow by 20% which will lead to a lot of opportunities. In 1968 TCS is started with 4 to 5 members and now at present there are bout 1,72,000 on payroll which covers 42 countries, 200 branches and have approximately Rs 40,000 crores. Students must perform well in classes, examinations, and in extra-curricular activities. Think bigger which will pay a way to application oriented ideas and the communication skill to express the ideas in right, simple, and understable English. Thinking in Tamil and talking in English will end up in distraction. So think in English and talk in English.

Prizes and certificates were issued to department toppers of all engineering colleges, Polytechnic colleges and Arts and Science College.


Annual Day & Cultural Festive


P.C. Duraisamy, Founder of Sakthi Masala(p) Ltd.,

The Annual Day of Paavai Educational Institutions was celebrated at 7 p.m on 5th March 2011. Shri. CA N.V. Natarajan, Chairman, Paavai Institutions presided over the function and also welcomed the gathering. Shri. P.C. Duraisamy and Smt. Duraisamy, Founders, Sakthi Masala Private Limited, Erode were the chief guest. They were honoured with shawls and mementos.

The chief-guests, in their key-note addresses, said that they were really stunned and stupefied by the grand decorations, colourful light arrangements, highly disciplined audience etc,. of the Annual Day Function. They recalled and recollected their student days with basic hardships and financial constraints. They started in a humble way a small scale industry producing masala powders with the initial investment of Rs. 10,000/- in the year of 1975. As of now, their business has developed tremendously and out of their hard work and perseverance, the turn over of their business has reached Rs.500 crores.

They encouraged the students by quoting their success stories that it would not be very difficult for the Engineering graduates to achieve and accomplish their targets. They added that the students should have the unquenchable thirst and inextinguishable fire in order to be successful in their endeavours. They threw light on the fact of making right decision at the right time is very indispensable for any success in life. They also advised the students to do away with the bad habits and adolescent diversions to become socially responsible members of their families and good subjects of their nation.

One gold medalist and 37 ranks holders of Anna University, Coimbatore were honoured with cash prize, gold coins and appreciation certificates. As many as 317 teachers who produced 100% results in Anna University Examinations, Coimbatore were rewarded with gold coins and appreciation certificates. The function took place in the presence of Smt Mangai Natarajan, Correspondent Shri.T.R. Manisekaran, Vice Chairman, T R Palanivel, Secretary, Dr.M.Ramakrishnan, Treasurer, ShriN.Palanivel, Joint Secretary, Shri K.Senthil, Director Admission, MR. S.Srinivasan, Director Placement and Training Prof.K.K.Ramasamy, Director Administration, Mr.Dilip Reddy, HR Manager , Honeywell Technology solutions, Bangalore Division, Deans, Principals, Professors, faculties and students.

Eventually, Smt.Mangai Natarajan, Correspondent, Paavai Institutions proposed vote of thanks followed by a grand dinner and cultural festival by Paavai Students.


Annual Day & Cultural Festive - Part II

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