Y O U T H       F E S T I V A L


The Paavai Institutions celebrated 'Youth Festival' on National Integration on 7th January 2011 at Paavai Educational Institutions.

More than 2000 students from nearly 100 schools participated in various competitions like Oratorical, Drawing, Rangoli, Quiz, Singing, Essay Writing, Poem Writing, etc., themed on National Integration. The bubbling enthusiasm exhibited by the participants has been tremendous. The prize distribution for the competitions was organised in Ananda Arangam at 3.00 p.m.

The Chairman of Paavai Instituitions, CA.N.V.Natarajan, presided over the function. In his presidential address, he mentioned that the number of participating schools and students are increasing every year. He advised the students to develop the personal discipline and give due respect to the parents, who are 'the first God' and teachers 'the second God'. He added that Paavai institutions have been giving importance to parents by making students perform 'Patha pooja' on the first day of re-opening and 'Guru Vanakam' for teachers on the Teacher's day. He also advised the students to respect their parents in order to reach their target in life. Moreover, he pointed out the three aspects of good behaviour namely Greeting, Appreciating, and Thanking others.

The gathering was felicitated by Smt.Mangai Natarajan, the correspondent of Paavai Institutions. She informed the gathering that the Paavai students conduct themselves on the great mantra 'Own your words and Deeds'. She advised the students to respect their parents, as the parents sacrifice their life for their children. She also asked the students to learn their lessons by understanding and gain knowledge and wisdom rather than getting mere marks.

The prizes were distributed to the winners of the different competitions and mementos were given to the teachers who accompanied the students.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Jagadeesan, the Principal of Paavai Engineering College.

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