Annai Illam - Precious Eve and Winners Day

Annai Illam is a "home away from home" for girls students who are pursuing technical and arts & science education at Paavai. As the name indicates, Annail illam is a symbol of motherly love, care and affection. To express and share the spirit of camaraderie and oneness, the hostel day was celebrated on 05.04.13 under the guidance of Dr. Bagavathi, Controller of Examination. Dy. Warden, Ms. Devi, Ms. Sindhuja. The Chairman and the Correspondent as Guest of Honor were invited to preside over the function and felicitate the outgoing students.
The function started with a prayer song. The final year students gave a wonderful dance performance which was followed by melodious and patriotic renditions. In the felicitation address, the Chairman advised the students to practice the art of friendship and sisterly concern wherever one goes. He said, staying together and sharing sweet memories with each other during one's sojourn in a hostel would give the inmates the spirit of adjustability and accommodation in the years to come. Finally he wished that all the students should orient themselves to remember these days as their golden hours of their life. The correspondent encouraged gave a motivations speech and extended motherly wishes to all the students. The students gave a cultural programme depicting integrity and unity of efforts.
The Chairman distributed kuthu vilaku, the lamp of illuminating outgoing students. Holding candles, the students gave a farewell song instilling in every one that the world is round and therefore every end is only a beginning of new beginnings. With the vote of thanks and the Tamil Thai Valthu the programme came to an end.

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